Hi! I'm Suzy.


I have been teaching Nia since 2008.  
I am a Licenced Nia Black Belt,
Nia Moving To Heal, & Nia 5 Stages Instructor.


Right now, in my life, I have the honor and privilege of being home and caring for my beautiful son, Amos. While I know this is a gift, it might drive me totally crazy were it not balanced by my Nia practice.  Not only does Nia help keep my stress levels in check, it also keeps me active and brings play (that I love) into our day. 


I am so happy that you have landed here and I look forward to moving with you.



My Passion


My passion is to move you. But more than anything, I would love for you to walk away from your experience moving with me, with a deeper love for yourself; a more compassionate, confident, reverent sense of love for your body and life.  

When you dance with me, you will see that in one hour of Nia I smile a lot, I get my heart pumping, build strength, sense my power, and nurture the precious gift of play. 

I want to share with you, the movement practice that fulfills every aspect of my being.  That is the Nia practice.

is moving.

A Body at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest
A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

- Newton's First Law of Motion

I am a firm believer that we all want to sense deep and radiant Joy.  

For me, moving is the best medicine.

All of us (I'm no exception) find times in our lives when we're not moving enough, or in the ways that serve our bodies, hearts and minds.  It's not easy to find the time or activity that burns calories, the mindfulness practice that quiets the mind, and the social space that fills the heart. And so often when we're satisfying one aspect of our lives, we're neglecting another.  This neglect is never a conscious choice, it creeps in slowly.  

When we begin to feel disconnected to our body we can easily make choice after choice to do things that take us further away from living the life that we actually want to live.   Before we know it we aren't feeling good in our body while doing anything.   


For the person who feels farthest away from your ideal vision of how you want to live in your body, Nia has the potential to meet you where you are, and motivate you to get moving.  

For those living your ideal vision, Nia is a practice that supports and sustains wholistic wellness.

For the most fit and experienced dancer or athlete, Nia has what it takes to challenge you and expand what you know about movement and what you understand about your body.  

The BEAUTY of a Nia experience is that everyone fits together, in the same room, cultivating one community.  

Never danced Nia before?  What have you got lose by giving it a try?  If you have the slightest spark of curiosity, give your gut the benefit of the doubt and come move with me.

You are invited to come as you are. 

To be, accept, and embrace where you are. To love yourself unconditionally.


Love Your Body

Photograph provided by Nia Technique (www.nianow.com).

My promise to you:

 I will deliver quality classes that:

  • are always thoughtfully prepared. 

  • demonstrate levels of intensity so that all who attend are receiving the workout they desire.

  • thread​ intention from the beginning to the end of class for a sensation of completeness and connection.
    (Setting a focus and intent for your workout will give faster, better, and longer lasting results and is unique to Nia.)

  • will leave you feeling alive; your entire body activated giving you a deep sense of  wholeness.

  • offer tools so you can step "off the mat" (out of the studio) and into your life ready to take on your day!


The only thing you need to leave at the door are your shoes.  

Bring it all...your unique-self, your beautiful, complex, playful self. 

Nia doesn't have to replace what you already love doing, it simply has the power to make everything you love doing even better. 

The first time I danced Nia, I knew it was something I would do forever.

I was first introduced to Nia through my massage and bodywork practice. In 2007 I began working with my massage mentor, and now a life mentor, Louisa Nufield.  

She used movement as a way to cultivate energy in our bodies before we actually started any hands on work. I remember asking her, "what is this movement technique that you are using?" Her response, "Nia."  I think I immediately signed up for the training. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that while I could use my hands to initiate healing, true healing was in the power of my clients.  I saw my role as a massage therapist, and now as a Nia teacher, as a facilitator in the development of my clients ability to tune into their own body and increase their sense of awareness and body literacy.

More concisely, to use awareness to heal and grow.  

Once this ability begins to blossom in someone, patterns of movement that may be inhibiting wellness or unknowingly contributing to chronic pain can be re-patterned. 

When we feel good in our body, the way we experience life feels better too.  

Nia is a practice that can open your body, mind, emotions, & spirit. 

I have been dedicated to studying and sharing Nia for 9 years. 


I have found comfort, guidance, support, discipline, and a mirror in my Nia practice.



Nia White Belt

Casey Bernstein - 2008

Nia Blue Belt

Helen Terry - 2012

Helen Terry - 2013

Nia Brown Belt

Helen Terry - 2016

Nia Black Belt

Debbie Rosas -2018

Helen Terry
Winalee Zeeb

Caroline Kohles

Nia 5 Stages

Helen Terry - 2014

Nia Moving to Heal

Debbie Rosas -2018

Jule Aguirre

Sierre Monroe

Nia Green Belt

Carlos Rosas- 2009

Helen Terry - 2012