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Teaching Nia for 13 years...

                 I have witnessed the transformation of many bodies.

     Nia has been the impetus for many people, including myself, to rekindle and sustain a healthy, loving, positive relationship to self.  


So, whether you are the "once in a blue moon mover," or the "hell no, I'm not missing my Nia class" goer...


This cycle is meant to act as a road map and reflects the experience of many people who have chosen to explore the Nia practice.  If you are experienced in Nia, this could possibly shed some light on what you already know and have experienced, and if you are new to Nia, it may take some of the guesswork out of what to expect or help processing your first time reflections. 

Discover Nia

Recognize Nia is Different


Nia is Different

EnJoy the ride.

Begin to sense how Nia is impacting daily living.

Experience increased quality of life.

Community blossoms, expands, & deepens



go deeper



Discover Nia
(and dance your brains & your heart out)

So you make it to your first Nia class... now what? Maybe you're feeling like hiding in the back corner, or maybe you move right to the front of the class?  Where ever you are most comfortable, prepare to move like never before. In the perfect balance of form and freedom, you'll soon be wondering "why didn't I know about this sooner?".  I promise, in fact, I guarantee that after an hour of dancing Nia, you will feel more connected to your body... if not, class is on me.  

Recognize Nia is Different

You will recognize Nia is different the first time you move it as well the 1,001st time you move it. At first, you may not be able to pin point why it is different, and that is okay, this understanding will come (see below).  Nia is all about sensing your body. You'll feel that it is different and that is the most important thing. 

Discover WHY Nia is Different

Nia is unlike any other invitation to move. Nia is deeply rooted in a rich well thought out philosophy.  It is not that it is better than other movement practices, it is simply unique. There are many wonderful movement practices that I love to participate in.  Nia happens to combine philosophies from 9 of them. 3 Martial Arts, 3 Healing Arts, 3 Dance Arts.  I firmly believe that an incredible amount of healing in addition to fabulous fitness is attainable through the Nia practice. I am not asking you to replace what you love doing, Nia simply makes what you already love doing even better.  Come move it, and you'll feel why! If you'd like more depth, I am always happy to set up a personal coaching session.  

Enjoy the Ride...

Find your way to class to enjoy the exercise, community, & music as often as you like.  Some leave it at that and attend class once a month.  Some begin attending class 3-4 times a week, and adapting the principals into daily living.  You get to choose how involved you want to be with the practice. There is no pressure.  Most importantly, with each class, explore your ability to cultivate a sustained state of Joy.   

Experience increased quality of life 

What happens when you sustain Joy for one hour while moving? It gets into your cells. What happens when Joy seeps into your cells?  It begins to radiate through your entire being. When you experience radiant Joy, life starts to feel a little better.   Nia is a holistic, body awareness, fitness practice. The possibilities are boundless.

Community Blossoms, Expands & Deepens 

We create a safe space to move in. A space where you can explore, unleash and renew. The space becomes the container, we are the seed, together, with each movement experience, we grow individually as well as a community.   It is undeniable that together we raise the vibrations of consciousness and love.  ...yes, this is still a fitness practice I am talking about. ;)