Getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

Countering current standards in the skin care industry.

I love that Beautycounter has bringing women (some men) together at their core. 

The very way we share this mission is to come together - a conversation on the phone, attending a party, 
&  one-on-one appointments. 
 I'm having a blast with Beautycounter, and  I decided to become a wellness advocate for three reasons:

1. amazing products.
2. righteous mission.
3. flexible opportunity.

Beautycounter is committed to transparency, education, advocacy, and the safest high performing skin care on the market.  Something I can get behind - is Beautycounter doesn't claim to be perfect, and they are doing so much right! 
Beautycounter is not just a beauty brand this is a MOVEMENT!


What's Next?

Ask more about the products.

 Wondering about a safer skincare routine for you- dry, normal, oily skin?
Interested in safer products for your kids/family? 
Send an email 
Let's talk and/or get you
some products to try!

To see how your current products line up, reference the 
EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. 

Host a Gathering

Do you enjoy hangin' with the ladies? 

You can host a gathering and get the chance to get some free product! 
I do most of the work to organize, you don't have to leave home for a good time!  ;) 


Join My Team

I have no shame is sharing why  becoming a wellness advocate with Beautycounter has been such an empowering move for me and I can help you explore whether or not this could be a good fit for you too. I LOVE the flexibility and connection to other women while making a positive impact.


This Time Its Personal

We All Deserve Better