I've been enjoying your teaching and positive energy. 

I love to move and Nia is such a fun way to move my whole body. The music is energizing and up-lifting. When the class is over, I feel that I'm more flexible, and have released stress, toxins and emotions. The last moments of the class help me to reflect on how I'm feeling in mind, body and spirit, and to continue to release. It's a great way to start the day.The more classes I attend, the more I feel I'm building strength, balance and flexibility. 

Jane Shustin
Psychotherapy & Mind Body Medicine


Dancing Nia under the guidance of Suzy is a voyage into a wonderful land of music, spirit and movement.

When I dance in a Nia class I feel a perfect communion with music, body and community.  I also get a serious workout.


If I had to encourage someone to try Nia, I would tell them... 


"Don’t be intimidated, The Nia form works for every body, across ages, gender and fitness. Give a chance to your body and mind to move and to be moved to easy to learn movements and the sound of great music with the most tolerant and open community of instructors and participants.

It is all about the joy of movements  Do it!

Anne Marie 

I do Nia because I love the way it makes my body and my spirit feel. 


Nia has given me joy, balance, grace, coordination, confidence and gratitude.  It literally melts away stress, negativity and weight gain.  I know that when I leave class I’m going to feel better, happier and will move with greater ease. 

Suzy has an enthusiasm for Nia that is contagious.


She brings insights to the practice that dive deep, challenging you to have more introspection and awareness of your body. But she also brings a delight to Nia that ensures your reflective journey is fun and blissful.  And with each dance you learn more about who you are and step into what you want to be.

Monica Beard-Raymond

Occupational Therapist


"Suzy has proven to be a caring, supportive and knowledgeable Nia instructor.  She has a big heart, a great energy and brings a  contagious enthusiasm for sharing what she obviously loves about dancing and life.   Suzy has not only been a witness to my own path to wellness but a catalyst to my finding joy through movement".

Sarah Keizer

"So often I find my spirit lifted, my soul opened and my day brightened by one of your classes. "