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Might this be you? 

Are you a motherless mom? 

Do you feel alone in your parenting journey because you no longer have your own mom to look to? 

Do you feel stuck - like your life is on repeat? 

Do you feel disconnected from the joy you once knew? 

Do you feel disconnected from your innate feminine nature? 

Have you lost your sense of self? 

Do you feel trapped in the roles that have been established at home, in your family, at work? 

Are you quietly yearning for something to change and aren't quite sure how to make it happen? 

Or - maybe there's fear that if something does change, it will upset the balance of life?

Can you honor your grief, find compassion for your own grief process, and feel like it's okay to keep growing?



You have an intimate community of women who truly "get it".


You have safe space to heal the deeper layers of loss in a way that feels like you are moving forward without forgetting.


You have the endurance to move through your day without feeling drained but instead feel grounded, fulfilled, and energized. 

You feel nourished in whatever ways you need. Learn how to identify your needs of the moment, and how to get them met.  

Embody your own growth process, while honoring your lineage. 

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My mother died 17 years ago. I would say that I moved through the stages of grief in a healthy way. Although after my son was born, a new layer of grief emerged.

Grief may no longer feel debilitating - but it's always there.

I feel it when I see other children with their grandmas. I feel it when I see my son do and say beautiful things that I wish she were here to see.

In my own journey of becoming a whole embodied woman, I have learned there's new territory to explore that can help heal the deep layers of loss.

I asked myself, how do we nourish ourselves so that we can show up in this world feeling confident and proud of who we are and where we've come from?  As mothers and as women even after loss.

I’m on a mission to build this community of women so that we can hold each other up, witness, and empower one another through this journey of life.

So that we can feel whole as women and therefore be the most badass mothers we can be.

I want you to be a part of that!

Join the movement of Motherless Moms Thriving.

Empower. Embolden. Embody.

You only have one life to live. Why hold back?

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