Recapitulating the Blue Belt Training

Burlington Blue Belt Training with Helen Terry

August 9-15, 2013


I could cut and paste a bio of Helen, but you can do that too.  I want to share with you why training with Helen was personally invaluable and one of my best investments! 
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Through my journey of Blue with Helen, I felt genuine support and enthusiasm and a clear commitment to building the teacher-student relationship. Witnessing Helen sculpt the dynamic of the Blue Belt training by modeling awareness and connection with each of the trainees in so many capacities shaped my experience of the Blue Belt and my reflections on the Blue Belt principles .  The process of getting to know each other was organic and rich. Helen maintained an unwavering attention to detail.


Helen has this way of teaching the Blue Belt principles through discussion and exercises, but she LIVES Blue Belt principles and truly embodies them in her training.  You can see it in action and as I sit and think about Helen after some time integrating Blue principles in my own practice, I realize she was sharing the principles at a depth beyond my ability to recognize at that moment in time.  Helen didn't just tell us the principles, she showed them to us, and gave us the opportunities to experience them together.


Helen has a tag line for her training center in Texas, Soma Ranch, Elegant, lasting transformation.  I think this could be her personal tag line.  She infuses humor, structure, insight, and personal experience into how she shares and helps us embody the principles of Blue.  Each lesson and exercise in the training was delivered with clarity and intention.  She knows how to have fun and be playful without sacrificing the integrity and honor of the ritual of training.  She brings an immense body of knowledge to her work with Nia and the body.  She likes to roll up her sleeves and get down to business.


We know that Nia is all about the business of our body. Blue is all about communication, relationships, and intimacy. 

Blue gave me the tools to more effectively integrate these principles in to my dancing, my teaching, my business and in truth, my life.  I have cherished the opportunity for growth that Helen's Blue Belt training offered.

If you haven't had a chance to meet or work with Helen, you are in for a treat.