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Welcome to  Rise & Shine. 

The concept for these workshops stemmed from a place of desire to learn more about each of the art forms practiced in the Nia Technique. You do not need to know anything about Nia or want to learn anything about Nia to participate.  Only curiosity. 


We break down each individual art forms to explore the essence of each practice. The workshops will be as authentic as they come.  While each of the sessions of Rise & Shine will directly influence and enhance your Nia practice.  I promise the workshops will not be directly connected to the practice of Nia. 

It has been amazing to witness what has happened by bringing new people together, growing in our practice of Nia, deepening, as well as expanding our relationships as a community.



Workshops are held on... Second Sunday of each Month

March 9: Sami Pincus- Alexander Technique

April 13: Beth Hartmann - Modern Dance

May 11: Karla Henning - Tae Kwon Do

on the horizon:  Intro courses in...

  • Aikido

  • Tai Chi

  • Isadora Duncan

  • Jazz

  • Yoga

  • Moshe Feldenkrais 

We are on session 5, and each session just keeps getting better.  

BONUS: Nia Class immediately following at 9am to continue working with the highlighted art form. The intent is to deepen the connection with workshop content and integrate it into our body!


Workshops are on Sunday mornings for 50 minutes at South End Studio. Workshops commence at 8am, following the workshop is our normal Nia class from 9-10am.