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A Body at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest - A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion- Newton's First Law

I am a firm believer that we all want to sense deep and radiant Joy. For me, moving is one of the best medicines

All of us (I'm no exception) find times in our lives when we're not moving enough, or in the ways that serve our bodies, hearts and minds. It's not easy to find the time or activity that burns calories, the mindfulness practice that quiets the mind, and the social space that fills the heart. And so often when we're satisfying one aspect of our lives, we're neglecting another. This neglect is never a conscious choice, it creeps in slowly.

When we begin to feel disconnected to our body we can easily make choice after choice to do things that take us further away from living the life that we actually want to live. Before we know it we aren't feeling good in our body while doing anything.

For the person who feels farthest away from your ideal vision of how you want to live in your body, I will meet you where you are, and the music alone will help get your body moving.

The BEAUTY of a mindful movement experience is that everyone fits together, in the same room, cultivating one community. Where are you is perfect.

New to mindful movement? What have you got lose by giving it a try? If you have the slightest spark of curiosity, give your gut the benefit of the doubt and come move with me.

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