Your Host

When I decided to take the Blue Belt with Helen 7 months ago I had been working with the principles of White and Green for several years.  While I had experienced a lot of growth, I knew I was ready for something more.  I was ready to advance both my personal practice and my teaching skills.  I knew I was ready for blue.

The biggest impact so far...

When I reflect on my experience with Blue Belt. I think of two words:
awareness and connection.


I have gained greater awareness of being in communication with myself and my students.

What does that  mean for me?

Within seconds I can stand in front of the class, look into the mirror and see myself in relationship to the space; I see myself in space, in relationship to the students. I see my students.  When I press play, I can slip into the music easier and more quickly.  Stepping in with more intimacy, which for me, sets me up for a better workout.

With my students, I sense a greater awareness of where they are in space and where they may be in relationship to me in a given moment.  During class, I have been able to maintain a more intimate connection with them.  I am better able to sense how I need to adjust my instructions or back off instructing all together and be silent.  I feel I am better able to be with each person at least once in every class. And in that moment of connection, deepen our relationship. I am still building a student base, but I am very excited about how the relationships are growing with those who dance with me regularly.  After taking the Blue Belt, the Green Belt teachings have also become much more meaningful.


My Body

I have experienced better results with each workout since training in Blue.  Blue Belt works deeply with all realms of the body.  By being able to explore space and the body in more playful and creative ways, I have noticed deeper conditioning with less effort. I have discovered the space behind my body and now my core is more tone and stable. My fingers reach further and my eyes connecting to that extension has gifted me with greater awareness of systemic movement.


I can only speak for myself, but if you are considering blue, I say go for it! I am so glad I did.